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Spring Time Car Maintenance

“How do I prepare my car for spring?.”

Spring car tips is finally here. It is important to inquire about spring time car maintenance service. It  took a little bit, but we can officially put the snow shovel away (hopefully). Winter was rough on your car, all that salt, ash and other products used to melt ice could be causing harmful corrosion to your vehicle as we speak. Winter road salt can cause damage to parts of your car and its paint coat. Not only can this be frustrating, it can lead to damage that will cost you in the shop or on your vehicle’s resale price.

This is the perfect time to take your car to the shop and ask what a car tune-up cost. It’s getting nice outside and you don’t want to spend the spring and summer worried that your vehicle won’t make it through that upcoming road trip.

Basic spring auto service & automotive maintenance regular inspections are the best ways to keep your vehicle running smooth. Neglecting your car’s care almost always result in much higher cost down the road when expensive repairs arise. Some work can be done at home, while other maintenance should be performed by an experienced mechanic.

We have a great selection of this year’s top-selling tires and we have some of the best tire prices in Edmonton, AB. You can search a tune up near me. 

 That’s not all, we have some excellent spring auto service maintenance packages that will keep your ride running smoothly this summer. 

When should vehicle maintenance be done?

Drop in for a courtesy 24 Point Maintenance check & piece of mind inspection.

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